** Posted 06/28/2011-> There are flights right into Monterey at the following fares:

$381 from Boston (US Airways & United)
$371 from Minneapolis (US Airways & Delta)
$308 from JFK (Delta)
The Monterey airport is a five minute cab ride to downtown Monterey– depending upon the cost of a rental car from San Jose or San Francisco, this may be a cheaper option.  

A few suggestions for getting to the Monterey Bay:


Although Monterey does have its own airport (code: MRY) the more economical options are to fly into either San Francisco (code: SFO) or San Jose (SJC). Both airports offer a selection of rental car options.

From SFO: Monterey is about 2 hours South of San Francisco by car. There are several routes you can take, but the most scenic way to get there is to take Highway 1 along the coast. It will add about half an hour, but the views are spectacular and it's worth it if you have the time.

From SJC: Monterey is about 1.5 hours South of San Jose by car. 

The Monterey Airbus is a safe and convenient passenger service between SJC and SFO and downtown Monterey. They run 365 days a year, starting at 4am. Hotel or home pickup service is also available. The fee is $45 from SFO and $35 from SJC. Depending upon where you are staying, the drop-off point in Monterey may be within walking distance or a short cab ride from your hotel.

For more information: (to make reservations, or call 831.272.7777)

Of course, if you would like suggestions or advice on traveling to our wedding, please let us know and we'll be happy to help!